Game Magic Chess Mobile Legends (MLBB) Guide, Rules & How to Play

Game Magic Chess Mobile Legends (MLBB) Guide, Rules & How to Play

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Game Magic Chess Mobile Legends

Magic Chess Mobile Legends is an Arcade game mode released by Moonton in January 2020. The basis of the game Magic Chess is an auto battler strategy played by eight people. This Arcade mode is a favorite of Mobile Legends players, because the competition that is presented is not as intense as the games in Rank, Classic, or Brawl Mode.

To win the match, you have to combine heroes, skills, and synergies. Apart from adding items, you can also upgrade your hero level to support your victory. The player who manages to survive until the end of the game is the winner.


Game Magic Chess Mobile Legends (MLBB)

10 Roles and 12 Hero Features

Gamers friends who play the Magic Chess Mobile Legends game will be presented with a wide selection of heroes. In the Magic Chess arena, the heroes you usually use to fight will become pawns used to carry out battle strategies.

As of June 2020, there are 49 heroes that you can choose to play on the Magic Chessboard. Choose a hero according to the combination you want to build. Heroes are classified based on roles and features that can be combined for game strategy.

If you also play the Mobile Legends game, you will definitely have no trouble memorizing each hero with its roles and features. There are ten hero roles that you can choose from, starting from Fighter, Marksman, Mech, Mage, Guardian, Tank, Warlock, Wrestler, Assassin, and Preacher. Then based on their features, the heroes are classified into ten Elves, Nature, Eastern, Mortal, Wild, Cyborg, Spirits, Celestial, Devil, Undead, Empire, and Angel.

Each of these hero and feature combinations will synergize and increase their abilities. You have to pay attention to this, because different combinations and synergies will have different effects. You have to find the synergy combination that suits you best and can overthrow your opponent.


The commander or commander will represent you in the game Magic Chess. Commander will control and summon the heroes that you drop on the chessboard.

The Commander has a cute and adorable design appearance. Gamers friends are free to choose who the Commander will be your partner in battle.

As of July 2020, there are already nine commanders that you can use in battle. They are Naughty Pao Dragonling, Abe the Kung Fu Master, Naughty Eggie, Mysterious Eva Deer, Commander Harper, Axeman Ragnar, Remi the Swordsman, Benny the Panter Warrior, and Buss the Meowgician.

The Commander has its own strength which will be very useful in battle. This ability can be used if you manage to increase exp or buy Commander skin.

Magic Chess Equipment

Throughout the match at Magic Chess, you will pick up equipment or equipment that will support your performance in the match. Gamers friends who often play in Rank, Classic, or Brawl modes will be more familiar with the items that become equipment here.

Each equipment consists of several items that are also used in competitive games, so you won’t be too difficult to master them. There are five types of equipment to choose from, such as Pyhsical, Magic, Defense, Function, and Removed. Each of them has a different function too.

Physical Equipment contains items that are useful for increasing physical strength such as damage, attack speed, to lifesteal. Equipment Magic functions to restore mana, ward off lifesteal, increase attack intensity, or to turn your opponent into a cat.

Meanwhile, Equipment Defense functions to ward off physical and magic attacks, increase HP, or revive heroes. Then if you use the Equipment Function item, you can summon heroes from the same synergy, flicker, purify, and heal. Items in Equipment Removed contain shoes that function to increase attack speed, mana regen, to physical defense.

Ranking System

Not much different from the Rank Mode game, Magic Chess Mobile Legends also has a ranking system that follows the changes in the game season. The tier list starts from Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legends, to Mythic.

In order for your pal Gamers’ tier to increase, you must win matches and collect exp. In the game Magic Chess there is only one winner, but the distribution of points is given to the other four best players. Players in the top four will get additional points, while players in the fifth rank and below will get their points deducted.

After reading the basic instructions for the Magic Chess Mobile Legends game above, you will definitely be interested in playing this mode. Initially this game was released in a different application. Moonton’s policy to incorporate Magic Chess into the Mobile Legends game was the right decision.

This strategy mode is a new favorite for Mobile Legends players who want new colors. Many players finally fall in love with Magic Chess in Mobile Legends. Are you one of them?

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