5 Fun Moments for RRQ Tuturu in Esports Mobile Legends

5 Fun Moments for RRQ Tuturu in Esports Mobile Legends

August 13, 2020 0 By admin

Esports Mobile Legends Moments!

Tuturu is one of the best Mobile Legends pro players from the RRQ team. RRQ Kingdom released the player who is now nicknamed “The Legend of Marksman” right before the start of MPL Season 6.

Initially, fans thought that Tuturu was only absent from MPL Season 6. But in fact, after releasing the video of the RRQ team formation at MPL Season 6, management again released a farewell video with Lemon RRQ’s partner. Tuturu’s break from the esports Mobile Legends scene was accompanied by prayers and support from fans.

“Come as a rookie, come home as a Legend!”

Such is the slogan echoed by fans for this veteran RRQ player. Gamers who are new to esports Mobile Legends may be curious about the nickname “Legend” pinned on Tuturu.

Some of Tuturu’s craziest moments while in RRQ will answer, why did Tuturu get the nickname as Legend Marksman. What was Tuturu’s attitude while in RRQ? Check out below!


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1. Old Hero Marksman, Layla So Sangar

Fans felt discouraged when Tuturu used an old hero who was deemed unfit for use in the tournament. In MPL Season 2 in 2018, surprisingly Tuturu even used a Hero Marksman armed with Malefic Gun. When people predicted that he would choose Bruno or other Hero Marksman, Tuturu confidently chose Layla.

Nobody thought Layla could be such a terrible Hero. Layla does have deadly damage, but its durability is very thin. Together with Lemon and his friends in RRQ, Tuturu succeeded in slaughtering his opponent.

The player nicknamed “The Next Level Marksman” has extraordinary positioning skills so that he is able to maximize the potential of any Hero Marksman he uses. In Tuturu’s hands, old heroes like Layla or Miya can be terrible heroes in tournaments.

2. Use hero innocence in the tournament

One prank that made fans shake their heads were the moments when Tuturu came down to a match without wearing a skin. This Marksman pro player seems to make skin just a sweetener. Basically, the skin will only add 8 ATK damage.

Tuturu shows that skill is much more important and takes precedence in the match. In the RRQ tournament against Bigetron in MPL Season 2, Tuturu wore Hero Moskov without skin at all. His performance made fans breathe with relief as Tuturu’s skill and teamwork with his friends won his team over.

3. Flicker Forward to Chase Enemies

Flicker is one of the Mobile Legends spells used by players to move in seconds. This spell is often used by players to escape. However, it is different with Tuturu who uses it to pursue the enemy.

Tuturu’s actions are used as a good example by other Mobile Legends fans. Finally, the Flicker spell is now used to chase enemies or maximize skills from the Hero used.

4. Strongest Hylos Marksman?

The player who is familiarly called Diky is the target of interviewers who work in major tournaments. Tuturu is a figure who always makes fans and hosts laugh. Friends of gamers who take part in a major Mobile Legends competition like MPL may still remember some of Tuturu’s ignorant comments regarding his teammates.

In an interview, Tuturu said that Hylos was the strongest Hero Marksman at that time. In fact, all fans of Mobile Legends know that Hylos is a Hero Tank. In fact, he answered twice when the interviewer confirmed the question. The third time he was asked, Tuturu answered “Cyclops” with his pedal. You may also be surprised by Tuturu’s answer, because Cyclops is a Hero Mage.

5. Granger’s ‘Death Sonata’ on M1

The RRQ team failed to win in M1 when El Clasico against EVOS. Even so, Tuturu and his team managed to perform a game that made the audience do a standing applause with their Hero Granger. Tuturu’s performance with his Hero Marksman remains in the minds of the audience to this day.

In the first match of M1, EVOS released Granger into the hands of reliable pro players using the Hero Marksman. Until the 30th minute, Tuturu managed to get 11 kills without even dying. His passion for using Hero Marksman was proven again even though the team did not succeed in bringing home the trophy.

Some of the points above might make fans experience flashbacks for a moment, reminiscing about the moments of Tuturu’s struggle with RRQ. Since starting his career at RRQ, Tuturu has never changed teams at all, starting from RRQ O2 transforming into RRQ Hoshi.

In MPL Season 5, Tuturu’s performance declined due to an injury to his hand. “The Legends Marksman” will take a break from the competitive world of esports Mobile Legends. Hopefully after this, Diky Tuturu can develop better and continue his career in other fields.

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