Please fix my Xbox 360 – What to do If you get the red ring of death

xbox ring of death
The red ring of death on Xbox 360 is not cool. Think it or not, it is a really common dilemma that numerous console owners have to cope with. This small article will uncover a few of the methods that I utilized to repair my Xbox 360 and will hopefully aid your repair. Believe me, it is hard to imagine how aggravating it may be... more →
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How To Backup Your Xbox 360 Games

Burning ROM
Back in November 2009 Microsoft stated that they will no longer tolerate any Game Copy Piracy on their game network Xbox Live. Everybody that logs on Xbox Live, with a Chipped Xbox 360 will get banned from the network with no hesitation and with no chance of getting back into the network. Gamers that do not obey can expect a lifespan... more →
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Kinect Games: Top Fitness Games for Women

kinect workout games
Xbox 360 Kinect has made gaming experience a reality. We can now burn the extra pounds as well as enjoying the game that we want on our favorite Xbox 360. Here are the top fitness games that would really help you out to get in shape and have a great deal of fun while playing in front of your TV screen. The Biggest Loser Jillian... more →
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Kinect Xbox 360: Where the Fun Never Stops

kinect xbox
The Development of Kinect Xbox 360 If you want to have fun then this is coolest gadget ever invented. The Xbox Kinect 360 was developed by Israelis with the company name of Prime Sense. When it sold in 2010 it was deemed as the fastest selling device in the electronic category by Guinness Book of World Record. It surpasses PlayStation... more →
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Microsoft Drops DRM Restrictions and Internet Requirement on Xbox One

xbox one
Microsoft has listened to angry Xbox gamers who have voiced their opinion against its Digital Rights Management (DRM) policies for used games and connectivity requirements following the launch of the long-awaited Xbox One games console. In a recent post on its Xbox One page, the company have announced that users will no longer be... more →
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New Xbox Console (Xbox 720) Launch Date Revealed

After weeks of speculation, Microsoft has revealed that the successor to its Xbox 360 console will be unveiled shortly. In an email sent to subscribers, the company claims that ‘a new generation (will be) revealed and viewers can watch it live on May 21, 10am PDT on Xbox Live, or Spike TV, for those in the United States... more →
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