What Kind Of Gamer Are You?

Anyone who has spent a lot of time in the gaming world knows that just like in the modern world – where the way we dress, the friends we keep and the music we listen to defines us – the types of games we play reveals the truth about ourselves, too. Today, we are going to help you define what kind kind of gamer you are. Yes, there... more →
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Nintendo Wii vs. XBox 360 Kinect

Each year, video game technology increasingly resembles the fanciful ideas found inside a Star Trek episode. In 2006, Nintendo released the Wii, which was the initial home video game console based around motion sensitive controls and featured games that one could directly interact with using physical movements, as opposed... more →
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Xbox 360 Hardware Review

Gaming has reached new levels with newer and meaner machines coming into the market. The Xbox 360, PSP3, and Wii are all set to fulfill gaming dreams. What makes a console powerful and state-of-art is its hardware. The Xbox 360 has a 20GB hard drive; wireless controllers; headset; DVD remote; Ethernet cable; AV cables; and external... more →
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