20K Leveling Review – Can 20K Leveling Truly Help You Hit The Gold Cap?

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The 20K Leveling Guidebook consists of quite a few composed and video clip guides on ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. It has a pretty unusual and I’ll explain exactly where it originates from. The 20K Leveling Guideline claims to assist you to generate 20,000 (20K) gold whilst leveling. This is an fascinating claim... more →
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REVIEW: World Of Warcraft (WOW)

World of Warcraft has developed an enormous following since its release in November 2004. It has built upon its initial success to become an enduring and hugely popular title. The demand for the game has been stronger than its creators might have expected, and it is now a fully-fledged social phenomenon, attracting all kinds of people... more →
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The History of World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been an extraordinary success since its launch in November 2004. It has impressed game critics and has captivated millions of players, who adore the world that the game has created. It is no longer just a game but is now a genuine phenomenon, and one that shows no signs of abating. It is one of the key games... more →
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Best Warrior Practices In World Of Warcraft

The Job of the Warrior is to get relentlessly beat upon. While there are a handful of classes in World of Warcraft that have the capability to tank, the Warrior stands above them all with more talents, abilities and equipment geared for the role. In a group setting, if the warrior dies first, they died knowing they did their job... more →
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