Make Money Selling Used Computer Games

used computer games
These days a lot of us are trying to find ways to make some spare cash. There are plenty of people out there with used computer games in their attic or maybe sitting in a box in their garage and they may not realise that there are others out there who may want to buy these games. Retro games are really popular at the moment, and... more →
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PowerPoint For Marketing Your Games

PowerPoint is an amazing platform for marketing and creating a buzz for your business. The same holds true for marketing your games and other individual apps, developed by you or your team. If you are an individual game or app developer, you will need to create a lot of presence, before making it go viral. In fact, several app developers... more →
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How To Find A Cool Fighting Game

You get to your local gaming or retail store, and you look up at the shelves upon shelves of games, hundreds and thousands of adventures waiting at your fingertips. You’re looking for a fighting game – you are in the mood to snatch some weapons, take out some bad guys, and enter a world beyond your own. But what do you consider... more →
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Top Five Games to Play on the Cloud

Cloud gaming, a technology in which a game is rendered on a server far away from the player, hit the mainstream back in 2010 with the release of the OnLive cloud gaming service. OnLive provided a slick, professional, and well-supported demonstration of what the technology was capable of, and inspired many imitators.  While the... more →
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