Piston Steam Box Gaming Console – Sneak Preview

Piston Steam Box
Back in January, Xi3 Corporation teased about Piston, Xi3’s collaborative project with Valve for modular computers. Piston can also be termed as ‘Steam Box,’ as this system will run on Valve’s Steam platform. To be specific, Xi3’s Piston featuring the Big Picture mode is one of the few Valve’s Steam... more →
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The Fab Xbox 720 Review

The fab Xbox 720, and how can you afford it
The fabulous xBox 720 is the advanced video game console that is designed and developed by Microsoft. The first Xbox was released in North America on November 15, 2001. This device almost competed with the Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s GameCube. Later with the modified features, it allowed online gaming with a broadband connection.... more →
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Having Fun With Internet Games

internet games
When gaming consoles like PlayStation were made available, many people bought it even with its high monetary value. However, this fanaticism ended when the internet became widely used by millions of users in the world. The internet did not only provide a way to a more convenient manner of doing our day to day business, it also enabled... more →
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Details Of New Nintendo WiiU Console Emerge

Nintendo has released details of its new WiiU gaming system which will succeed the popular Wii console.  The all-new WiiU will support HD graphics for the first time with a 6.2-inch controller that can be used with the TV and as a separate gaming console. This means that the touch screen will work just like a second display, showing... more →
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Turning Your PC Into A Video Games System

pc games controller
Video games surely have been around for a while  – a prime foundation associated with amusement for junior and old folks alike for several years. In fact, video games solutions have continually advanced mainly because much better engineering gets to be readily available nowadays. That exact same holds accurate for video games... more →
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How to Solve PS3 Overheating Problems

Playstation 3 overheating remedies are incredibly crucial, in particular if you are gamer. The trouble with the PS3 games console is that it tends to overheat a great deal. The bigger problem is that it has an exclusive game library that you can’t find on any other console. However, this isn’t the very first time that... more →
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