Sony Release Official PlayStation 4 Launch Dates

Sony has announced the release dates for its much-anticipated PlayStation 4 gaming console. The company has confirmed that the new PS4 will be released in Europe on November 29 and the US on November 15. Thus, gamers in the US can expect to get their hands on the console approximately 2 weeks before those in the UK and Europe. Speaking... more →
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10 kick Ass Games for Upcoming PS4

PS4 playstation logo
A whole lot of PS4 games have been arraigned for release in 2013 and beyond. Some of them have already announced their release dates. In April there are substantial releases planned and game enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to play them on their PS4 game modules. Here are 10 kick ass games to keep a watch on for their release. Thief... more →
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New Xbox AND PlayStation 4 To Be Released This Summer

XBox and Playstation signs at Electronic Entertainment Expo
The Daily Mail reports that the successor to the Xbox 360 and a follow-up to the PlayStation 3 will be revealed this summer. According to industry website MCV, Microsoft and Sony’s new games consoles could be launched at this summer’s E3 games show which takes place in June in Los Angeles, California. The event will... more →
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1.29 Million Users Affected By Sega Hack

Following the recent hack of computer games firm, Sega, the company has confirmed that the personal data of up to 1.29 million users were stolen. However, while Sega accepts that email address and dates of birth stored on the Sega Pass database were accessed by the hackers, it maintains that payment information such as credit card... more →
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Sony Launch PlayStation Vita Handheld Device

Sony has launched its next generation portable gaming device, the PlayStation Vita. According to the organisation, the device, which comes with a touch-interface and motion sensor, is its biggest product launch since the PlayStation 3 was released about 5 years ago. PS Vita users will be able to play against gamers using PlayStation... more →
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Final Fantasy Maker Hacked

Following the recent high-profile hacking of popular online networks such as Sony, hackers have broken into two Websites owned by Final Fantasy, Japanese video games maker, Square Enix. The company, which also makes Dues Ex and Tomb Raider games, also confirmed that the email addresses of up to 25,000 customers who had registered... more →
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