Three Effective Ways To Repair PS3 Internet Connection Problems

ps3 internet connection
I had some problems connecting my PlayStation 3 (PS3 ) to Internet the other day.  Error messages on kept popping up on my television screen when connecting although my laptop computer could access the Internet through the very same router.  Luckily , after some time-intensive research, I found a way to mend the PS3 Internet... more →
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How to Solve PS3 Overheating Problems

Playstation 3 overheating remedies are incredibly crucial, in particular if you are gamer. The trouble with the PS3 games console is that it tends to overheat a great deal. The bigger problem is that it has an exclusive game library that you can’t find on any other console. However, this isn’t the very first time that... more →
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How to Fix PS3 Disc Errors

Without proper information and knowledge of how your console works  it could be quite difficult to fix a PlayStation 3 device. One of the most difficult problems on the PS3 platform involves its  disc drive. More so, this is because new generation Blu-Ray device  fitted to the console is an intricate piece of hardware that... more →
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Nintendo Wii vs. XBox 360 Kinect

Each year, video game technology increasingly resembles the fanciful ideas found inside a Star Trek episode. In 2006, Nintendo released the Wii, which was the initial home video game console based around motion sensitive controls and featured games that one could directly interact with using physical movements, as opposed... more →
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Keys to Sony Playstation 1 and 2 Success

Sony PlayStation 1 and  2 have sold over 214 million units. Whew that is mind boggling! Ever wondered how Sony managed to reach this level of success? Success is about technological superiority, branding, costing, and popularity. Sony has over the years established and maintained a world-wide credibility. In the gaming world, Sony... more →
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