The Drawbacks Of Online Gaming In 2012

One thing is for sure in the new year; many new games will be released in 2012. Over the last few years more and more people have begun to play online games. Even people who would never have wanted to play these games before are getting into them. There are people of all different ages and from a variety of different backgrounds... more →
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The Proliferation Of Online Gaming

With a market valued in 2009 at $15 billion, online gaming is the fastest growing entertainment market. The explosion of online games in the casual market as moved the past time from a dedicated few, to entire families; with generations playing games online. Reaching across genres, you can find a game online for just about any play... more →
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How Do We Become Absorbed In Games?

games absorb
With the help of recent technology, console and PC games are becoming more and more realistic and lifelike. We now have better graphics, 3D effects and interactive equipment, which draws us into the game, taking away our sense of time and reality. But how exactly do these techniques draw us into a game? Virtual gaming has become... more →
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