How Online Gaming Beats Playing In Person

online gambling
If I say gambling, the same images will probable jump to your brain at once. People in tuxedos giving each other steely looks over carefully hidden hands of cards, women in glamorous dresses kissing dice before they’re hurled onto the roulette table, or even huddles of old ladies gathered around a bingo table. But these days for... more →
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Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes Shuts Down In March

The Warhammer franchise, based on the popular tabletop miniatures game by the Nottingham-based company Games Workshop, has always struggled to get a foothold in online-gaming. Now, on March 29th, 2013, Mythic Entertainment will be shutting down all online services associated with the play-4-free Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes... more →
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Having Fun With Internet Games

internet games
When gaming consoles like PlayStation were made available, many people bought it even with its high monetary value. However, this fanaticism ended when the internet became widely used by millions of users in the world. The internet did not only provide a way to a more convenient manner of doing our day to day business, it also enabled... more →
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Mario In The Online Bubble Shooter World

Since the invention of computer by Charles Babbage, it has been used for a mixture of purposes. According to their daily necessities, fans have harnessed the machine and made it perform the tasks that they aim to do. At the moment, since working 24 x 7 makes a person dull and boring; So, the game-creators all around the globe have... more →
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The Drawbacks Of Online Gaming In 2012

One thing is for sure in the new year; many new games will be released in 2012. Over the last few years more and more people have begun to play online games. Even people who would never have wanted to play these games before are getting into them. There are people of all different ages and from a variety of different backgrounds... more →
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How To Play Games On GarysMod Clan Servers

Pretty hard to beat when it comes to the coolest game servers are Garrys Mod servers. With the “game” Garry’s Mod, you can essentially do whatever you want with it and build your own game. When you start a game on a Garry’s Mod server, there are no predefined parameters. This means that there are no goals,... more →
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