Best R4 Gaming Cards That You Could Use

Gaming is life to many – I have observed through many guest lectures that I have conducted throughout the country and I must say, their population seems to be swelling like anything. It is a thing to say that you are a software engineer but if you are a professional gamer and a game developer, that seems to be the trend these days... more →
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Top 5 Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Titles of 2013

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When the Nintendo 3DS first released in 2011, it stumbled out of the gate with a lack of quality titles and a hefty price point. It wasn’t until that Holiday season, along with a price cut, did the console really start picking up steam. Fortunately for the Nintendo, it hasn’t looked back with tons of quality games in... more →
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How Do We Become Absorbed In Games?

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With the help of recent technology, console and PC games are becoming more and more realistic and lifelike. We now have better graphics, 3D effects and interactive equipment, which draws us into the game, taking away our sense of time and reality. But how exactly do these techniques draw us into a game? Virtual gaming has become... more →
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A Preview Of Sony’s Next Generation Portable (NGP)

The much anticipated Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP) has been called many names including the exciting successor to the PSP handheld console. The device which is expected to be released before the end of the year, boasts of a 5-inch OLED touch screen with a rear panel touch-pad to control user-actions. The oval shaped device,... more →
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REVIEW: Nintendo 3DS Games Console

Nintendo has announced the launch of its ground-breaking 3DS handheld console at an event in Amsterdam. The device which is the first of its type to offer 3-dimensional images without the need for special glasses will go on sale on March 25 in Britain and Europe. Unsurprisingly, its unique features has made the Nintendo 3DS one of... more →
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