5 Games To Help Your Brain

Word games have been around a long time: puzzle books, board games like Scrabble, TV games shows based on words like Jeopardy and Family Feud come to mind. On the Internet word games are popular too. Some of the kinds of words games online are: anagrams, puzzles, spelling, semantic word games, jumble, word searches, letter arrangement,... more →
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How To Find A Cool Fighting Game

You get to your local gaming or retail store, and you look up at the shelves upon shelves of games, hundreds and thousands of adventures waiting at your fingertips. You’re looking for a fighting game – you are in the mood to snatch some weapons, take out some bad guys, and enter a world beyond your own. But what do you consider... more →
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Best Zombie-Centered Games From Apple

zombie games
Survive your way from attacking horde of zombies. Here are some of the best zombie-centered games from Apple. Zombie Flick This is a terrifying yet very funny game. You will be surprised by the weapons that will be used to destroy the zombies. Objects such as calculators, televisions, sun glasses and other household items add to... more →
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3 Legitimate Farmville Cheats

Cheating is often not a good thing. Though you may imagine it would get you forward, it can actually in the long run make things too simple and take the real excitement and challenge out of any game. With the game of Farmville, there are lots of individuals feeling left behind who will go on the hunt for fast and dirty solutions.... more →
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The Best Ways To Game On A Tablet

game tablet
If you’re one of the people who’ve recently got yourself a tablet computer but you’re now wondering what you should be doing with it, you’ll be glad to hear that there are lots of ways that you can keep yourself entertained. Movies, books and music are all available, but we’re here to discuss the most... more →
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Mental Games For Grown Ups – Increase Your Memory And Concentration

It’s proven that the mind begins aging as early as you turn 30 years of age. But wait, you aren’t pressing the panic button as yet. It’s not to say that all hell will break loose or you will probably be infested with some memory-related disease. It is the once the brain starts getting older or as you cross 30 years... more →
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