3 Reasons To Complete Farmville Collections

farmville collections
Do you play Farmville? Whether you are playing to interact with your friends or tickle your creative side, there are several facets to the game which you need to be mindful of. One piece of the overall puzzle is knowing the merits of the Farmville collections. Before you sell off that cowbell you just found, keep reading . When you... more →
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10 of the Most Popular Games on Facebook

Facebook is known worldwide and is currently used by people in almost every country of the world. It is hardly surprising then that the games hosted on it are very popular. Here are some of the most popular games on Facebook at the moment. They are listed in the order of how many people have clicked “Like” on them. The first... more →
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3 Legitimate Farmville Cheats

Cheating is often not a good thing. Though you may imagine it would get you forward, it can actually in the long run make things too simple and take the real excitement and challenge out of any game. With the game of Farmville, there are lots of individuals feeling left behind who will go on the hunt for fast and dirty solutions.... more →
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FarmVille Cheats and Tips

I have heard people say that FarmVille is a simple game to play, and my answer is ‘yes’, but only at the beginner level. However, if you want to join the ranks of the big boys and girls, then it’s not very simple at all. You will need all the insights, tips, tricks, techniques and secrets that you can muster in... more →
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Farm Town Vs Farmville – A Side By Side Comparison

There are 117 groups on Facebook dedicated to FarmVille, and another 106 groups dedicated to Farm Town. In these groups you can find groups of players that hate FarmVille, and a group of players that hate people who hate FarmVille (titled “Anti-FarmVille Groups Suck”). And of course there are groups dedicated to bashing... more →
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