3 Android Games Everyone Gets Addicted To, You Including

Games are without doubt the most popular kind of apps in the Android market. In Google Play, everyone will  find something for themselves as there are games of absolutely all kinds of genres we can think of.  However, there is also a group of games which absolutely everyone loves and gets addicted to regardless of their tastes... more →
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A Step-by-Step Guide For Getting Started With Interesting Features Of iPhone 5

iphone 5
Weighing 112 grams, and measuring 7.6mm in thickness, the iPhone 5 seems to have traded a mass of buttons in for a series of clicks to get you where you want to go. As a result of its careful design and consumer-centric approach, this smartphone device appeals to not just gamers but users from all works of life.  Image By Aitor... more →
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Best Zombie-Centered Games From Apple

zombie games
Survive your way from attacking horde of zombies. Here are some of the best zombie-centered games from Apple. Zombie Flick This is a terrifying yet very funny game. You will be surprised by the weapons that will be used to destroy the zombies. Objects such as calculators, televisions, sun glasses and other household items add to... more →
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Microsoft Kinect Is Fastest-Selling Electronic Device

Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing game has been officially named the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time. Kinect attained this status after Microsoft confirmed that the device sold 10 million units worldwide since it went on sale. In its first 60 days, the Kinect sold over 133,000 units per day on its way... more →
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Apple Among Technology Firms Affected By Japan Earthquake

Several technology firms including Apple, are among companies affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Major disruptions to supplies has been reported by several manufacturers based in Japan – home to many of the world’s major high tech devices. As a result, organisations such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon... more →
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