How To Entertain Yourself In A Power Cut

Anyone who has ever experienced a power blackout knows how annoying and boring it could be. You no longer have access to things you once took for granted, comparable to warm water, gaming programs and television. When you’ve got children they would add to your stress levels by unintentionally irritating you in an attempt to... more →
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Drum Games: Rock Band 3

Ever heard of a little game called Guitar Hero? If so, you might also have noticed that after its mind blowing success the company behind it Harmonix Music Systems released an expanded version of the game called Rock Band. The game’s latest installment (Rock Band 3) hit stands in 2010 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Nintendo... more →
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Finding The Right Internet Service For Gamers In Rural Areas

Life in a rural town definitely has its advantages. However, there are some downsides too, like poor Internet options. While this may not pose a problem for some, for gamers it is huge. Live streaming gaming sessions are problematic because Internet service in rural areas is typically too slow for gaming. Cable companies do not... more →
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iOS “Badland” Coming to Android and Blackberry Soon

iOS has got some wooed games that are simple yet enthralling. One such iOS-exclusive amazing game with fantabulous visual effects is Badland. This game is downloaded at least several million times for its bewildering gaming effects and astonishing gorgeous insane environments. In fact, this game is available as a universal app in... more →
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Legends Are Dropped, Not Born

Have you ever had to leave your comfort zone for a reasonable length of time? Imagine if you did, how long do you think you would cope in a particularly strange environment? Well, the answer may not be so far away after all. In a recent global campaign called Voyage, premium beer brand Heineken® set to find out how people would... more →
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Gaming Chair: Do You Really Need One?

gaming chair
As gamers we know that gaming takes up several hours in our day and in that time frame, our body takes a beating from all the sitting that occurs. Sounds a little bit too extreme for just staying in one spot, right? But we gamers know how that actually feels, especially if we’re just using a cheap fold-out chair, an uncomfortable... more →
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