Gaming Laptops and What You Need to Look For

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A lot of people will choose a laptop for gaming rather than a desktop and there are a number of reasons for this. Having the ability to continue to play computer games no matter where they are is one of the main reasons why some people like to have a gaming laptop instead of a gaming desktop. The fact that a laptop can use battery... more →
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Top 5 Things To Look For In A Gaming Mouse

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Optical vs. Laser Optical mice use one or more LEDs to take what are, in effect, pictures of what is underneath the mouse to track the movement of mouse across a surface.  These mice are usually 200-800 DPI, but they can go as high as 4000 DPI as with the G400s mouse from Logitech. The laser sensor is the newer technology and has... more →
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What To Look For In A Weekly Fantasy Sports League

Everybody thinks they are a sports expert these days and that they know all there is to know about sports, the players, and who is going to win. Now is the time for those people to walk the walk after talking the talk thanks to fantasy sports websites, which allow you to be the general manager who gets to make all of the decisions.... more →
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Fantasy Football: An NFL Fan’s Dream

Football season is just around the corner and loyal football fans across the world can’t wait for opening day on September 5th. Before the season starts, however, many football fans are also participating in fantasy football, which is becoming increasingly popular these days. Many hours are spent on the popular fantasy sports... more →
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Warhammer Online Closes December

Electronic Arts (through their Multi-Player Online RPG subsidiary Mythic Entertainment) announced that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will close its doors forever on December 18th 2013. A rather heartfelt reflection on the past 5 years working on this game was posted by Producer Carrie Gouskos. Most everything else made it,... more →
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What’s Wrong With Total War: Rome 2?

Rome: Total War 2’s just been released and it’s a great game, except for the endless bugs, glitches, disastrous AI, and other peculiarities. Fans are reacting badly, and internet forums are full of outraged customers. What exactly is a games company to do? A Brief History of Total War The gaming industry has enjoyed a revolution... more →
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