What’s Up For Samsung?

galaxy s6
What The Samsung S5 Must Have The S5 will surely be a beast. There is no doubt that Samsung will decorating their new flagship with monster specs and other features that will be ultimately adjudged as useless. Okay, the smart scroll is cool but do you really use it? In the first place, does it work? Perhaps, Samsung spent the half... more →
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iOS “Badland” Coming to Android and Blackberry Soon

iOS has got some wooed games that are simple yet enthralling. One such iOS-exclusive amazing game with fantabulous visual effects is Badland. This game is downloaded at least several million times for its bewildering gaming effects and astonishing gorgeous insane environments. In fact, this game is available as a universal app in... more →
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Review of Madden NFL 25 for iPhone and iPad

EA Sports has been working for the last 25 years to bring the most exquisite football games for personal computers. The number ’25’ refers to this long experience of the company in the game that is designed just according to the aspirations of people. The Madden NFL 25 football experience brings an innovative way of playing... more →
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Animal Dungeon – An Animal-Saving Adventure Game

animal dungeon
Animal Dungeon is one of the best animal-saving games that was made with the cooperation of WWF, which is also abbreviated as World Wide Fund for Nature. WWF’s co-operation in the game is basically to create awareness about poaching and illegal wildlife trade. Apart from fun, this game is based mostly on learning. Kids will... more →
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Would You Create A Gaming App Exclusively For Tablets? Here’s Why It’s A Good Idea

Many publishers have realized that a user isn’t always going to get the gaming experience he aspires for. With the tablet proving to be a platform that provides visually real and fuller gaming experience, redesigning and remixing apps especially for the tablet is what many publishers have started to put their energies into. Here’s... more →
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