Origin EON15-S Review: A Gaming Laptop That Exceeds Expectations

The Origin EON15-S is making customizing your new gaming laptop even more personal than ever. It’s not just about having the best hardware and software, but making sure to produce the best gaming laptop for you as an individual. Figuring out what is going to appeal to even the most involved PC gamer is not an easy task, but... more →
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A Look At 3 Combat Sports That You Might Like

combat spots
Combat sports are basically different types of physical activities that involve the use of hands and other body parts in order to put your adversary down or earn points. Different combat sports have various rules and at the end of the fight, a winner is chosen. There are multiple such sports and they are all fascinating to explore.... more →
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6 PC Games that Feature the Best Graphics!

game graphics
Probably the most obvious advantage of having a good computer with an excellent video card is that you can play computer games which feature the best graphics. A lot of games out there feature graphics which are very clear and life-like. Here are the top 6 games that you might want to play if you have a good graphics driver. Crysis... more →
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Why Playing Paintball In Your Backyard Is Not As Expensive As You Think

There are many people out there who love playing paintball. If you are one of these, you may be interested in doing this from the comfort of your home. If you and your friends frequently take part in this sport, you will find that investing in some paintball equipment will make a lot of financial sense. The fact that you will not... more →
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5 Classy And Sophisticated Sports Games For You To Consider

mario sports
There are basically two types of sports – classy and non-classy. There are sports which are very rough, violent, and are basically played by just about anyone. There are also those sports which are sophisticated and are only played by a few people. Have you always wanted to be active in some classy sports? Here are some sports... more →
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3 Main Reasons To Play Crysis 3

If you are one of those gamers who didn’t have a chance to play a new Crysis game yet, this article is a must-read for you. Do you still need any reasons to try this awesome shooter? We can name 3 of them as minimun for you to pay attention to Crysis 3 gameplay. Crytek tried to combine the best elements of the first two Crysis... more →
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