What’s Wrong With Total War: Rome 2?

Rome: Total War 2’s just been released and it’s a great game, except for the endless bugs, glitches, disastrous AI, and other peculiarities. Fans are reacting badly, and internet forums are full of outraged customers. What exactly is a games company to do? A Brief History of Total War The gaming industry has enjoyed a revolution... more →
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Games Journalism From Yesteryear: A Tribute To Mr. Biffo and Superman 64

Back in my day (circa 1994) games journalism was in its relative infancy. Nintendo were the gaming giants, with the SNES going from strength to strength whilst Sega danced around in the background angrily. Super Mario World was out, so was the first instalment of Super Mario Kart, and Donkey Kong Country was about to stir up the... more →
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10 Brilliant FREE Online Games You Should Be Playing

1. Steam
As anyone who has followed the games industry over the years will know, online gaming’s boomed in popularity over the last few years. Back in my day it used to be a dodgy internet connection and Diablo II, the Dreamcast, or four mates and a Nintendo 64 with Goldeneye. Mindless reminiscing to one side, it’s 2013 and the games... more →
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