Top 5 GTA Radio Stations

With GTA V around the corner, I wanted to take a look back at the previous games in the series to remind you of what a legendary collection Rockstar Games have produced. This week, we’ll take a look at the top five Grand Theft Auto radio stations from previous editions.

Although it may not be obvious, Grand Theft Auto is an extremely funny game with a lot of the humour coming from the radio stations. Whether it is something the presenters have said or one of the adverts, the radio stations are a real highlight of the game. With that in mind, we have decided to do a top five countdown of the best radio stations in the Grand Theft Auto series.

#5: Emotion 98.3

Fernando.jpgHosted by the smooth-talking and somewhat deranged Fernando Martinez, Emotion 98.3 is the first radio station in our countdown. With a game set in the mid 1980’s, it would be wrong not to have a station dedicated to the wonderful sounds of power ballads.

With his rather strange attitude towards love and relationships, Fernando makes Emotion 98.3 well worth listening to, even if you do not like the music.

#4: Radio X

The next radio station to appear in our countdown is Radio X. Radio X is an alternative metal and grunge station that appears in GTA: San Andreas. The radio station is aimed towards those people who come under the Generation X bracket.

Hosted by Sage, an escaped mental patient who has some very unusual views on the world, makes listening to Radio X a very strange experience. In between each song, Sage will express her strange theories and attitudes towards life and the Generation X grouping.

#3: K-Chat

Appearing in GTA: Vice City, K-Chat radio fills the third position in our list. K-Chat radio is hosted by the scatter-brained Amy Sheckenhausen, who on occasion will forget that she is on air and ignore those guests who she finds dull and boring.

The characters that are interviewed on this station range from the lead singer of a heavy metal band to a professor and feminist who has a deep obsession with hating men. K-Chat is a radio station that you should definitely check out.

#2: Chatterbox FM

The penultimate radio station in our countdown is Chatterbox FM. Hosted by Lazlow and available in GTA III and Liberty City Stories, Chatterbox FM is a simple talk radio station but with some very strange callers. It is also the only station in the game not to feature any music.

From a caller asking for a nanny to spank him to a woman who is calling from an organisation known as Citizens Raging Against Phones (you can work out the acronym), Chatterbox FM has it all. Although the callers play an important role in providing humour, Lazlow’s attitude towards the radio station and callers is brilliant. When a caller phones in claiming that women are made from sand Lazlow’s reply is “oh great, another lunatic”.

As with most radio stations, Chatterbox FM has adverts between the callers and guests. These adverts range from The Dormatron, an exercise machine that does not require the user to be awake to which is a website that delivers pets straight to your door.

With a mixture of insane callers, strange adverts and Lazlow’s witty replies, Chatterbox FM is one of the best radio stations in GTA history.

#1: V-Rock Radio

V-Rock-LogoThe number one position on our list sees the return of Lazlow, this time as the host of V-Rock Radio in GTA: Vice City. As this game is set before GTA III, Lazlow has a slightly different attitude towards himself and his station. In Vice City, Lazlow tries to put on a bad boy and heavy metal loving image.

Although V-Rock Radio is primarily a rock station, it does feature three different callers; the first is the previous host of the show who hates Lazlow for stealing his job, the second is a Vietnam veteran and finally a man who calls himself Snow-Dog.

Featuring songs from artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, V-Rock Radio caters to the needs of every metal head that plays the game.

Deciding which radio stations should appear on this list was a difficult task to complete as each game in the GTA series has multiple stations. Whether you’re interested in disco, soul, R&B or rock music, you are likely to find a station that you will enjoy.

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