Kinect Xbox 360: Where the Fun Never Stops

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The Development of Kinect Xbox 360

If you want to have fun then this is coolest gadget ever invented. The Xbox Kinect 360 was developed by Israelis with the company name of Prime Sense. When it sold in 2010 it was deemed as the fastest selling device in the electronic category by Guinness Book of World Record. It surpasses PlayStation and Wii. It is a fun console because it uses sensors to follow your movements and can even follow voice commands.

You may use it for exercise, for playing games such as dance games and all sorts of fun things imaginable. It finds you and you become its Avatar. The game is produced by Microsoft through its subsidiary Rare and is software developed for various usages. It allows for voice recognition, gesture recognition and even facial recognition.

The best thing about it is that it is controller free, full library of activities to be launched, a monitor sensor of your whole body and is extremely fool proof ( well, almost).

Example of gaming activities include The Adventure of TinTin, Zumba, Biggest Loser and a whole lot more.

What Critics Say

Critic say the timing is sometimes out of sync, there is too much space needed for playing, some gamers who are hardcore may not find it good enough, it takes too much to stand up all the time. But the fun is still there because it is controller free. You just have to find the space to dance or play with its super active translation of the activities.

To set it up, put it on top of your TV and while away your time using your body as the ultimate controller of the game.  This is actually the point in itself because you are the control master. The costing is 150 dollars.

Games for the Whole Body

The fun is in the whole body movement. Consider the game Joy Ride. You drive a car and be the car. Your whole body moves to the motion of the wheel. It’s like go-kart racing or driving a real car with no license needed. Your body bends and curves and wheels around. Imagine the workout feel of it. You can even add some friends into your joy ride and have fun together as a team.  There are even beautiful backgrounds as you joy ride around the world in this Kinect game. Kinect Joy Ride costs about 50 dollars.

Another fun game is Skylanders  Spyro’s Adventure where in this fun game the Spyros have protected their domain( the skylands) from evil forces . These evil forces freezes them up and it is up to you  to defrost them. Each of the characters have special powers which makes the game ultimately interesting. You overcome obstacles and figure out puzzles. There are fun trading cards and stickers that come with the game.

Rapala is another game which is like a fishing game you find in arcades. It invites one to four players to play wherein in rapid firing you catch the fish you want. It even has an arcade ambience like the sheen of a fish or a lake that lends this game the real feel of the game. It has Facebook connectivity to share the experience with family and friends.

Country Dance is another fun Kinect game wherein you can even sing along with the country music as you dance to it. It’s really fun because you get to compete with friends on who gets to shake her body better into the dance steps.

The fun never stops in Kinect xbox 360. All you need is the bucks and the space to play along.

Marlin Codie

Marlin works with Airsoft Atlanta and enjoys the fun collecting guns and playing with peers during week offs and holidays.

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  1. Dex says:

    The Kinect platform absolutely revolutionized gaming as we know it.
    With the extensive improvements to the Kienct 2.0 sensor that is going to be launched in November with the Xbox One, the gaming industry is going to see full-body gaming soar to the next level. The new sensor has increased resolution and can track more people than the one you’ve mentioned – I can’t wait! This was a great and encompassing article, thanks!
    Dex recently posted..Kinect Sports RivalsMy Profile

  2. Marlin Codie says:

    i can’t wait for the new xbox to come out. :) But many are saying that ps4 is going to be better.

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