5 Addictive Games That Won’t Burn Up Your Graphics Card

The graphics cards in our PCs and mobile phones use incredibly sophisticated technology. Their ability to convert binary data into video game images means your device is able to handle an impressive graphic load. However, games don’t have to be graphics-intensive to be really entertaining. Here’s a look at five relatively lightweight games that still feature highly addictive gameplay.

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1. The Other Brothers

If you’re a fan of Mario Brothers, then The Other Brothers by 3D Attack will be a great game to download for your smart phone or PC. You’ll join brothers Joe and Jim as they make their way through junkyards, sewers and entire cities in search of Tavy — the game’s token damsel in distress. With various levels of achievements to conquer, you must also battle with the law and the mob but you’ll gain weapons and advantages as you go.

2. Online Casino Games

The world of online casino games has grown, and many digital venues are available to play slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, a variety of table games and even Keno. Most Internet casinos have mobile apps making games as engaging on the smaller screen as they are on your laptop or PC screen. Learn how to play games for free and plan your strategy and then dig in and win real cash.

3. Kentucky Route Zero

Cardboard Computer gave us the highly addictive Kentucky Route Zero, and “Act 1″ is where you start this episodic game. You become a truck driver that delivers antiques, but often find yourself off the beaten path and must find your way back to the road.

Think of the FX Network’s TV show Justified in terms of tone and content — there’s tons of gameplay, but it’s also a storytelling game that will leave you begging for future Acts set in the backwoods of Kentucky. Meet colorful characters like Dear Esther and Heavy Rain along the way. This game requires unlocking titles and moving up before entering “Act 2.”

Check out the gameplay here.

4. PWN: Combat Hacking

If you secretly dream of being a hacker, 82 Inc’s PWN: Combat Hacking allows you to hack with experts. Although you won’t need real hacking skills, you’ll have to face off against the hacking elite by defeating spyware, Trojans, and viruses. Gain points to build firewalls and other security protection. Play in real-time or against the computer characters first to hone your hacking skills.

5. Tengami

Epic. Beautiful. A must play. Check out the game play here.

From Nyamyan comes Tengami — a “beautifully paper crafted 3D pop-up world” based on ancient Japanese fairy tales. Tengami received rave reviews for its unique atmosphere. At once, the game is both very exciting and surprisingly calm.

During play you must guide a samurai through various “papercraft” worlds depicted in 3D paper imagery. The goal is to collect secrets along the way to reach the top level of Tengami.

While graphics cards are evolving all the time, it’s clear that you don’t need an amped-up PC to have a great gaming experience. Despite the fact that they aren’t graphics intensive, these five hot video games are sure to ignite the adventurer inside you.

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