Best Games Inspired By The Greek Mythology

So why is Greek mythology still popular after so long? One reason is that game designers are able to re-tell the stories in any way that they desire, they can even add new characters if they choose to do so. This freedom to develop the story and give it a new sense of character is endearing for the designer, which is why we see so many modern interpretations of these Greek myths through games.


The opportunity to take things into your own hands and actually ‘take part’ in the story is entertaining for players, especially since the technical aspects of the game are advanced in comparison to the period that the story comes from. For many people, playing these stories has become much more appealing than reading them.

Top examples

‘Age of Mythology’ combines Greek, Egyptian, and Norse myths. From the Trojan War to the fall of Atlantis, this game even allows you to fight as a Hydra supported by Centaurs. With heroes and Gods such as Achilles, Odysseus, Osiris, and Loki, you can get your fill of mythology in an epic way. Although this game was published in 2002 and it’s graphic quality is far from the current standards, It is still a very enjoyable.

“God of War” is a game of extreme violence, where you face hordes of demons.  In the game you play as Kratos a demigod who embark on epic journeys in attempt to prevent disasters. Throughout the game you are to defeat creatures of Greek mythology, like gorgons and cyclops. The game is full of Combat that truly reflects the violence of that period in time. However, not everything is action, there are also a good doses of puzzle solving and platforms. With no doubt, one of the best video games  inspired in the Greek Mythology.

‘Titan Quest’ depicts more of the adventurous aspect of Greek myths through the journeys that you embark on in the game. The characters are skilfully brought to life throughout this game with a beautiful precision. From alligator people to undead centaurs, your character will fight past them in order to restore order to a seemingly godless world.

Play the Inspiration

Whether you have already launched yourself into the world of mythology within video games, or are yet to experience it, you can’t deny the timeless quality that historical Greek Mythology and Greek key design portray. It has, and surely will continue to inspire future generations to come, through the field of design.

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