The New WoW Pandaria Expansion

Let the adventures begin: the Mists of Pandaria! – the lands of pandaren with all of their mysteries. The folks of Azeroth happen to be invited to locate the power and wisdom with this powerful race, at the same time allowing a number of the darkest techniques to be exposed. With each one of these new expansions, you can find a myriad of opportunities to enhance the Azeroth story, and drive the storyplot harder and deeper. For your player, it raises the experience because of a few of the new gameplay features.

The developers wished to obtain the players into the world where they could travel and experience the world. They desired to offer a many more options for players and more things so they can do. Now you can earn rewards all kinds of new ways and progressing your character just received easier.

Pandaria offers unique Asian inspired landscapes, that exist across the five new zones which have been added. It provides the players an opportunity to explore these new landscapes, in addition to going through the new pandaren starting zone, and let’s keep in mind the central quest hub.

Previously Pandaren has lived in the shadows of Sundering, but Pandaren does have it’s own long and interesting history. With all the discovery of the lost continent, there is a new opportunity for both the Horde and also the Alliance to satisfy creatures which are new and intriguing. These types of creatures will meet using their death.

Levels 85-86: The Jade Forest

Pandaria will be entered with the Jade Forest, where you’ll find statuesque stone spires among the lush rainforest. To fight the war, the Horde and also the Alliance will join forces with all the indigenous creatures. This can have lasting consequences inside the Jade Forest, and it could even affect all of Pandaria.

Levels 86-87: Valle of the Four Winds

As you wonder along the south coast and also the dense jungles, don’t ignore the lush farmland towards the north. Then there’s the Valley of the Four Winds – this fertile valley is actually Pandaria’s bread basket. Players will join up with Stormstout to find out about Stormstout’s family history – their roots on the Stormstout Brewery, quite legendary.

But there’s no relaxing. Trouble is brewing over the great wall, which is responislbe for protecting the Pandaren Empire.

Extra features

There are several extra features that are going to make the WoW expansion more exciting for players. Now like other Azeroth races, the Pandaren will have racial bonuses which will include:

  • Epicurean – Your stat advantages from your meal by 100%
  • Gourmand -Your cooking skill increase by 15
  • Inner Peace – Your rested experience bonus will last doubly long since it utilized to
  • Bouncy – You will take 50% less falling damage
  • Quaking Palm – You’ll be able to touch a pressure point on an enemy target and place it to sleep for 3 seconds.

There will also be a new class of monks, which are deeply rooted in the martial arts. They could use weapons such as the one handed axes, fist weapons, staves, swords, maces, and much more. The newest class has unique animations and you will be able to take on different roles.

Due to the Pandaren the dwarf, draenei, human, gnome, blood elf, night elf, troll, undead, orc, and tauren can educate yourself on the means of the monk. It’s exciting.

The new world expansion has plenty to provide so take time to get more information. Read more on our WoW Blog, and get the latest expansions.

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