Best Games of 2014

As we move into October, the upcoming holiday video game season is just around around the corner. While we’ll see the usual new entries in the Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty franchises, there is a number of quality games I’m very much anticipating across all consoles. Listed below are the top 5 games I’ll... more →
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The End Of A MMO Cycle

Yes, we are already at an end of  a cycle in the world of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs). Believe it or not, the time to pay monthly to play MMO is running out. We cannot afford to pay month after month for MMO games, not if we can help it. So I think after many articles, the time is right and the cycle which many now know as... more →
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Make Money Selling Used Computer Games

used computer games
These days a lot of us are trying to find ways to make some spare cash. There are plenty of people out there with used computer games in their attic or maybe sitting in a box in their garage and they may not realise that there are others out there who may want to buy these games. Retro games are really popular at the moment, and... more →
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Three Ways To Play Captain America Games

captain america games
For freedom and liberty! Captain America’s history dates back to several decades. Originally created by Timely Comics, the fictional character made his first appearance in March 1941, in Captain America Comics #1. Now a Marvel Comic hero, the super soldier is loved by children and adults from every walk of life across the... more →
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Titanfall for Xbox

If you’re a big fan of first person shooters, then you’ll love the game Titanfall, which was developed by Respawn Entertainment, the studio that’s staffed by many former developers that have worked on the legendary Call of Duty franchise. Before its release, it was one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the... more →
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A Review of Cooking Games

cooking games
Cooking video games cater to a big number of people of budding chefs. If you’re looking for various recipes in an interactive way where you learn and get pleasure from cooking, you should play on line cooking games. Furthermore if you would like to keep away from the smoke and oil, then on-line cooking games are best for... more →
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